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When: March 21, 23, 24, & 26-29 (2019)
Where: Court Square Theater, Downtown Harrisonburg, VA
Cost: Free Admission (open to all)

James Madison University, the School of Communication Studies, and the School of Media Arts and Design announce the 7th Annual Reel Change Documentary Film Festival. The festival exposes issues relevant to the JMU and greater Harrisonburg communities. It seeks to educate and engage audiences while celebrating the documentary medium as a tool for awareness, engagement, and change.

This year the films will explore a Liberian’s struggle against illegal logging, global food waste, a young woman’s efforts to give a voice to victims of ISIS, a Virginia jail’s unique rehabilitation program, a West Virginia community’s battle to stop the dumping of a toxic chemical into their water supply, an Arizona mining town’s attempt to reckon with its darkest day, and the political activism of the Sri Lankan artist, and musician known as M.I.A.

Following selected film screenings, audiences will hear insight from the filmmakers, experts, and community members. By bringing non-fiction films and filmmakers to the region to present their work and participate in public dialogues, Reel Change hopes to create a dynamic atmosphere that inspires positive impact.


March 21, 7p.m. “Silas” (2017) March 23, 2p.m. “Wasted” (2018)
March 24, 7p.m. “On Her Shoulders” (2018)
March 26, 7p.m. “16 Bars” (2018)
March 27, 7p.m. “The Devil We Know” (2018)
March 28, 7p.m. “BisBee ’17” (2018)
March 29, 7p.m. “MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.” (2018)
March 29, 9-11p.m. Golden Pony: Fundraiser for Resources to Resources

JMU Sponsors: SMAD, SCOM, WRTC, CAL Dean’s Office, Community Service Learning, Cross Disciplinary Studies and Diversity Engagement, Strategic Planning & Engagement, and the Center for Global Engagement.

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